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Birdhouse Room

birdhouse room.jpg

"Natural and Airy", this room is definitely for the nature lover. Featuring bird-houses and a cozy queen bed. The Birdhouse room also features a private bath with shower. When Chuck Tanner, Manager of the '79 World Series Pittsburgh Pirates, stayed at Jackson Run, he chose this room. Desk, air conditioning and flat screen equipped.

Grapevine Room

grapevine room2.jpg

This room has a scenic view overlooking the grapevines and cottage. It also has a private bath with shower, both a full and a twin bed, and a unique raised A-frame ceiling.

Victorian Room

victorian room2.jpg

Decorated with Victorian style and exuding an aura of Elegance this room features the following, a full private bath with a gorgeous skylight and a luxurious queen bed.

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